attack reports

DDoS data and analysis from the front lines

Are Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks increasing in size and frequency? Where are they coming from? What are the most widely used attack types and which industry was attacked the most? You can find answers to these questions – and many more – in quarterly attack reports published by Prolexic.

As the world’s largest and most trusted DDoS mitigation provider, Prolexic successfully mitigates the biggest and most complex attacks in the industry. From this unique position, Prolexic’s Security Engineering & Response Team (PLXSERT) collects data from every attack launched against Prolexic clients – some of the most well-known global businesses and organizations. Analysis provides valuable insight into the tactics, types, origins, and targets of these attacks, as well as emerging attack trends and strategies.

As a service to Prolexic customers and the global business community, Prolexic publishes a summary attack report each quarter. To download your copy of the latest attack report, click here.


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