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The DDoS Dispatch features all you need to know about current and future threats, as well as information on the latest protection techniques, events and trade shows, and other resources that can help you and your company.

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In the latest issue:

  • Financial services firms get hit by DDoS attacks according to Prolexic’s Q1 2012 DDoS attack report
  • Beyond traditional IT security: testing for DDoS resilience
  • Provisioned by Prolexic for maximum DDoS protection
  • Inside Prolexic’s DDoS Security Operations Center
  • Customer spotlight on DDoS mitigation: Yola
  • 2012 Executive Forum DDoS conference agenda just released
  • Upcoming trade shows
  • Recent DDoS threat advisories
  • DDoS mitigation resource center
  • Prolexic in the news
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